Free eChapbook version of Old Froggo’s Book of Practical Cows (1997)

So in 1997, I did some readings at The Bookworm bookstore in Omaha where they liked these poems about cows I brought with me. They told me if I ever put something together, they’d get it on the shelves. Thus began Morpo Press and my lucrative career in chapbook publishing.

The poems in Old Froggo’s Book of Practical Cows largely came about when my classmates at UC Davis would find weird newspaper clippings about cows and give them to me (because, of course, I come from Nebraska). The result is a bunch of weird poems that I still like.  It was even reviewed in the Omaha World-Herald:

Old Froggo’s Book of Practical Cows, a cow-and-Omaha themed poetry collection by Matt Mason of Bellevue, available at the Village Bookstore at 87th and Pacific Streets. The 39-page booklet, self-published by Mason, is a hoot. It contains poems with titles such as ‘Nonviolent Resistance and a Cow,’ ‘When Cows Ruled the Earth,’ and ‘Ode to Omaha.’” — John Keenan

See? Instant poetic legitimacy!

As a gift to my good readers out there, I give you… free cow poems!

Click on the cover to download:

Old Froggo’s Book of Practical Cows, free eChapbook by Matt Mason